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"I have never been able to understand how Hitler was capable, with his

unmelodious and raucous voice, with his crude, often un-Germanically constructed

sentences, and with a conspicuous rhetoric entirely at odds with the character of the German language, of winning over the masses with his speeches, of holding their attention and subjugating them for such appalling lengths of time."

- Victor Klemperer, writer and professor

Main Points:

  • Who is Adolf Hitler?
  • What role does he play in history?
  • How did he impact the world?

Background Information

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889 in Braunau, a small town in Austria. As a child, Hitler was a good student and was very religious. He even considered becoming a monk.However, as he grew older, he began to do poorly in school. The only teacher he really liked was his history teacher, who was a German nationalist, and may have played a role in influencing Hitler’s love for Germany. Hitler’s childhood hero was Otto von Bismarck, the first chancellor of Germany.In addition to history, Hitler also enjoyed art. When he turned 18, he moved to Vienna to become an art student, however was not accepted into art school.

Hitler's Rise to Power:

In 1913, Hitler moved to Munich and joined to German army. He fought in World War One. He received recognition and medals for courage in the war, however was hospitalized after being gassed. While he was in the hospital, Germany surrendered. Hitler was devastated. After Germany’s defeat, Hitler was determined to bring Germany back to glory. Hitler joined the small Nazi party in 1919. By 1920 Hitler became leader of the growing party. In 1923, Hitler led an uprising in Munich which he was imprisoned for nine months for. During his time in prison, Hitler wrote “Mein Kampf.” Translated to English, the title means “My Struggle.” The book outlines Hitler’s political beliefs and parts of his life. After Hitler’s Release from prison, he began to rebuild the Nazi party and made it bigger than ever before. By the election of 1932, the Nazi party was the most popular party in Germanadolf-hitler-joke-4_681576c.jpgy. In 1933, Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany.

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Events and War:

In 1933, as chancellor of Germany, Hitler opened the first concentration camp, and began to boycott Jewish goods. In 1934, Hitler became Fuhrer of Germany after the president died. Hitler began to make the German army bigger, in violation of the Treaty of Versailles. In 1936 Hitler invaded Rhineland, and did not even have to put up a fight. This easy victory pushed Hitler forward. Also in 1936, Hitler made an alliance with Mussolini. In 1938, Hitler invaded Austria, then Czechoslovakia. Then, in 1939, Hitler invaded Poland. This was the last straw for Europe, and war broke loose.


Hitler's Beliefs:

Hitler was a strong promoter of Nazism. He joined the Nazi party when it was still just as small as 55 members. Hitler believed in a Greater Germany, where all German speakers of the world would be united. In addition, Hitler was known to be Antisemitic. Hence, the holocaust. There are many theories of why Hitler hated Jews, however there is no way to know for sure.


Adolf Hitler left a huge impact on the world. He was a strong leader in one of the world's worst wars, tried to eliminate an entire race, and was responsible for millions of deaths. Most people view Hitler as an "evil" person. He is not thought of as a great hero, or a good person. People remember him for the terrible things he did.

The Holocaust:

The Holocaust was a tragic event in history. Over 11 million lives were lost because of cruel racial prejudice. Hitler, encouraged prejudice against Jews and other “undesirables”, or those not of the “Aryan” race. The Nazis developed “The Final Solution”, a plan to get rid of all the Jews. They decided the most efficient way of doing this was to set up camps to exterminate them so they would not pass on their genes and disrupt the Nazis’ quest for the perfect race. The Nazis also set up ghettos, where Jews would live in the most horrible conditions. Jewish children soon could not go to schools with the other German children. Jewish businesses were forced to close, Jewish temples were burned and vandalized. Though the Nazis did not achieve their goal, they managed to kill millions of Jews and others in a display of cruel, sadistic, inhumane acts.

FuN FaCts!

  1. Hitler dated his niece, who later shot herself in the head!

  2. Hitler’s first love was a jewish girl.

  3. When he killed himself he was holding a picture of his mother.

  4. He was a soldier in WWI, and was regularly bullied.

  5. No matter how warm he feels, Hitler never took off his coat in public.

  6. He adored gypsy music

  7. Hitler's 3rd grade report from his teacher remarked that Hitler was...'bad tempered and fancied himself as a leader.'

  8. The NY phone book had 22 Hitlers before WWII. The NY phone book had 0 Hitlers after WWII.