Criteria for discussion posting

Please write thoughtful responses of approximately 250-300 words that address the topics presented in class.
Don't do this...

  • Title your response: Use the question you are responding to
  • Identify the command term/Answer the question
  • Postings should be substantive (say something you think is worth your saying) and reflect an understanding of unit concepts and use unit vocabulary.
  • These are also your personal responses to class topics and questions so use examples from personal experience if you have a connection to the topic.
  • Opinions are fine, but should be justified (explain why your opinion is a good one) and supported with some evidence (facts, data, the quotes of experts, etc).
  • Your ability to write more or less well in English is not being graded here (unless noted before) but try to express yourself as clearly as you can and always work to make your writing better!
  • Occasionally, you will be asked to respond to other's posts. Disagree with others if you like but be polite, ask questions, make suggestions, expand the conversation.

Don't do it!


Please do not copy and paste anything from any place other than your brain onto the discussion unless it is a quote or idea you will cite and discuss. This is a simple instruction: Do not use the copy function or the paste function and you should be fine.