Concepts: Brandt Line, MEDCs, LEDCs, and Transition or Developing countries

The map above show the ‘core’ (MEDCs), ‘semi-periphery’ (Transition/Developing) and ‘periphery’ (LEDCs) of the global economy. Note the levels of Manufacturing output in each of these regions.

Study the information below, which shows the global distribution of manufacturing in 1994, and the world “league table” of manufacturing.
Identify the two countries with more than $500 billion of manufacturing output in 1994.

The "North-South Divide" (Brandt line)

The map below shows the north-south divide. It has been updated to include countries like South Africa, Singapore and Taiwan. It was based upon the Brandt line and shows the more economically developed countries (MEDCs) in blue and the less economically developed countries (LEDCs) in red.

Industry and LEDCs

Source: King, Anna, Catherine Hurst, John Edwarda, Chris Stevens, and Jack Mayhew. "Industry and LEDCs." Geog.GCSE. Great Clarendon Street: Oxford UP, 2006. Print.

A Case Study: Ford in India