Task: Examine Images of Globalization and note the breadth of its impact.

Discussion Questions

  1. What areas of Life does globalization most effect? Explain how you think this works. Illustrate with concrete examples.
  2. After listening to others present their findings, how would you define globalization? Explain/justify your answer-meaning you should illustrate and support with an example of globalization.
  3. How would you characterize Globalization? Positive? Negative? Both? Why?
  4. In what ways does globalization impact your life? Positive? Negative? Both? Why?

  • Write a thoughtful response (250-300 words) to one of the questions above in your class discussion page in the toolbar on the left.
  • Comment on at least two other responses. One of your comments must be to a response without any comments. Make this something more substantial than, "Great Response!"

Image of Globalization?


Photo: Klara Kim

"Molas, a traditional female shirt of the Kuna people of coastal Panama, are an interesting case of a traditional art with a special role in today’s globalized culture."