Question: What are indicators of development?

Task 1:

Search for and post a photo that indicates to you the concept of a LEDC and MEDC and offer an explanation or comment of why this is the case. Include a link to the source of your photo. Click on the photos below and post on the the correct page. You can add to the previous classes images.

Is this a Less Economically Developed Country?


Does this image indicate a More Economically Developed Country?


Question: What are some factors that characterize different levels of development?

Task 2:

Read the page below from The Economist on the Global hunger index. What are the three "indicators" that the index looks at to rate countries?

Examine Gapminder World. Pick different data to explore explore on the chart. If you've forgotten how to use the chart, here is a two minute tutorial on how to use the chart: Gapminder Tutorial

Task 3:

Post a response of 200-300 words in your class' Discussion page (see the navigation bar on the left of this page) on the following.

  • What kind of factors seem most important to a good quality of life and level of development?
  • Does any of the data from Task 2 surprise you? Why?

The Global Hunger Index


TWENTY-NINE countries suffer from “alarming” levels of hunger, most of which are in sub- Saharan Africa, according to a report published on Monday October 11th. The “Global Hunger Index ( undernutrition) ” (GHI) gives developing countries scores based on three indicators: the proportion of people who are undernourished, the proportion of children under five who are underweight, and the child mortality rate. The worst possible score is 100, but in practice, anything over 25 is considered “alarming”. Scores under five, meanwhile, are indicative of “low hunger”. Since 1990 the overall level of the index has fallen by almost a quarter (though the data do not cover the period of the global recession beginning in 2008). Two-thirds of the 99 countries counted in 1990 have reduced their populations' hunger levels. Kuwait, Malaysia, Turkey and Mexico have been the most successful, cutting their scores by over 60%. Those where hunger has increased include North Korea, Comoros and Congo. Congo's GHI score fell by over 60%, the worst of any country.


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Extension Resource:

Create Your Better Life Index (OECD Countries)