Rostow's Model of Development

Read the article: Rostow’s Stages of Growth Development Model

From the article compile at least three different questions ( the answer must be obtainable from the article). Post these questions to three different classmates below (1 each).

Note: No more than 3 questions can be directed to each student.

Answer the questions that you have been posted by your classmates on the Class Discussion thread.

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Altinbas, Mehmet Batuhan
Define traditional society
Do you agree with Rostow's development method, and the steps that a country has to take? Why? Why not?
What are the problems with Rostow’s theory?

Avraham, Michal

What are the advantages of Rostow's Method?

What is the fifth step of Rostow's development method?

Calik, Sercan

in what year was it created?

Which 5 steps does a
country have to go
to become developed?
define traditional stage

Celebi, Beyza

Describe the fifth step of Rostow's method?

What are the five steps of “classic Stages of Economic Growth? And explain them.
Why is Rostow's model criticised?

Cetin, Tess

Define Take-off
What is the second step of Rostow's method?

Chorna, Andrianna

How did Singapore become a notable country in the global economy?
how many steps there are in Rotow's method?

Evyatar, yael

Describe the first step of Rostow's method?======
1) Describe the Age of High Mass Consumption in Rostow’s Model?
What does Rostow's model illustrate?

Gonzalez, Rafael

What are the five steps through which all countries must pass to become developed?

Before Rostow approaches to development had been based on the assumption of what?
Define drive to maturity.

Hall, Callum

How do you think Rowstow's method should be changed to suite current situations?

What are Rostow's assumptions?
How does Singapore fit into Rostow’s theory?

Han, Yoo Joon

with industrialisation increasing what did that cause?

in what year US reach drive to maturity stage?

Khajouei, Yassi

On what Rostov’s development theory is based on and by what it is characterized by?

Who was W.W. Rostow?

Mengi, Alya

What are the disadvantages or Rostow's Method?
define high mass consumption

Pina, Maxine

what was needed for economies of LDC's to grow ?

Urakov, Temur

What was the assumption regarding the characterization of development prior to Rostow?
What time period in history did Rostow create his theory and how did it affect his theory?

Uzum, Hazal

By which factors are geographers dividing countries in “developed” and developing”?

When was Stages of Economic Growth published?