Unit question: How can we ensure Globalization has a positive impact on our world ?

Our Unit on Globalization focuses on the process of the increasing interconnectedness of our Global Society, our role in the Global Economy and how global media attempts to manipulate us.

Lesson 1: Examine different perspectives on the phenomena of Globalization

Lesson 2: Globalization of Culture

Lesson 3: Globalization of Food

Examine the History of Globalization

Lesson 4: Examine the Globalization of Sport

Lesson 5: Examine some of the causes of the current global financial crisis.

Lesson 6: Consider a criticism of economic globalization in practice.

Lesson 7: What is Branding?

Lesson 8: The Corporation

Assessment : TNC Project

Lesson 9: Exam Economic Global Shift

Lesson 10: "Save money. Live better?"

Lesson 11: The Coffee Game

Assessment : Is It Fair?

Lesson 12: Fair Trade or Free Trade?

Lesson 13: Explore the impact of globalization on health and disease

Globalization In Class Essay-Unit Task